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This page lists all the courses conducted by CTIS.

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Religious Studies (Method, Religions & Languages)

RS100 Methodology of Study

RS100.1 Theological References Seminar

RS202 Church Latin I and II

RS204 Biblical Greek

RS206 Biblical Hebrew



PH111 Metaphysics

PH112 Philosophical Anthropology

PH114 Cosmology

PH116 History Of Philosophy - Ancient and Medieval

PH117 Moral Philosophy (Suspended)

PH212 Theodicy

PH213 Philosophical Logic

PH216 History Of Philosophy - Modern and Contemporary


Scripture Studies 

SS120 Introduction to the Bible

SS221 Pentateuch (Suspended)

SS222 Biblical Prophets

SS321 Historical Books (Suspended)

SS322 Wisdom Literature

SS130 The Mystery of Salvation

SS132 Gospels of Mark and Matthew

SS134 Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles

SS231 Johannine I: Gospel and Letters

SS233 Pauline Epistles

SS331 Johannine II: Revelation

SS333 Catholic Epistles and Hebrews



TH140 Fundamental Theology

TH144 The Question of God

TH145 The Holy Trinity

TH146 Grace and Justification

TH148 Christology

TH241 Protology

TH244 Eschatology

TH340 Mystical Theology

TH151 Sacraments: Baptism and Confirmation

TH154 Liturgy: Sources and Methods

TH157 Liturgy and Popular Piety

TH250 Theology of Religions

TH251 Sacraments: Eucharist and Reconciliation (Suspended)

TH252 Ecclesiology

TH254 History and Theology of Mass

TH256 Missiology (Suspended)

TH351 Sacraments: Orders

TH352 Mariology


Church History

CH172 Modern and Contemporary Period (Suspended)

CH179 Second Vatican Council

CH274 The Reformation


Moral Theology

MT180 Fundamental Morals

MT281 Bioethics

MT283 Sexual Ethics

MT285 Social Ethics (Suspended)

MT287 Religious Ethics


Pastoral Arts

PA190 On Christian Prayer

PA191 Introduction to Spiritual Life

PA192 Canon Law I: General Norms

PA292 Canon Law II: Marriage (Suspended)

PA293 Pastoral Theology

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