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Course List


This page lists all the courses conducted by CTIS & SFXS.

For the exact schedule of each class, please login to our Student Portal or check our timetable page.

Certificate in Theology Programme:

CE001 - Introduction to the Bible

CE002 - Salvation History

CE003 - Christian Philosophy

CE004 - Introduction to Theology

CE005 - Foundations in Moral Theology

CE006 - The Second Vatican Council


Diploma in Theology Programme:

DP001 - The Church

DP002 - Christology

DP003 - Introduction to Christian Spirituality

DP004 - Sacraments

DP005 - Introduction to the Liturgy

DP007 - Social Ethics

Religious Studies (Method, Religions & Languages):

RS100 - Methodology of Study

RS100.1 - Theological References

RS200 - Theological Research

RS202 - Church Latin I and II (for seminarians only)

RS204 - Biblical Greek

RS206 - Biblical Hebrew

RS303 - Islam (for seminarians only)

RS305 - Hinduism (for seminarians only)

RS307 - Buddhism (for seminarians only)

RS309 - Taoism (for seminarians only)



PH110 - Introduction to Philosophy

PH111 - Metaphysics

PH112 - Philosophical Anthropology

PH114 - Cosmology

PH115 - History of Philosophy: Ancient Period

PH116 - History Of Philosophy: Medieval Period

PH117 - Moral Philosophy

PH212 - Theodicy

PH213 - Philosophical Logic

PH215 - History Of Philosophy: Modern Period

PH216 - History Of Philosophy: Contemporary Period


Scripture Studies:

SS120 - Introduction to the Bible

SS121 - Introduction to Old Testament

SS123 - The Book of Genesis

SS125 - The Book of Exodus

SS127 - The Book of Deuteronomy

SS130 - The Mystery of Salvation

SS131 - Introduction to New Testament

SS132 - The Gospels of Mark

SS133 - The Gospel of Matthew

SS134 - The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles

SS221 - Pentateuch

SS222 - Biblical Prophets

SS231 - Johannine I: Gospel and Letters

SS233 - Pauline Literature

SS321 - Historical Books

SS322 - Wisdom Literature

SS331 - Johannine II: Revelation

SS333 - Catholic Epistles and Hebrews



TH140 - Fundamental Theology

TH144 - The Question of God

TH145 - The Holy Trinity

TH146 - Grace and Justification

TH148 - Christology

TH241 - Protology

TH244 - Eschatology

TH340 - Mystical Theology

TH151 - Sacraments: Baptism and Confirmation

TH154 - Liturgy: Sources and Methods

TH157 - Liturgy and Popular Piety

TH250 - Theology of Religions

TH251 - Sacraments: Eucharist and Reconciliation

TH252 - Ecclesiology

TH254 - History and Theology of Mass

TH256 - Missiology

TH259 - Sacraments: Marriage

TH351 - Sacraments: Holy Orders

TH352 - Mariology

TH358 - Sacraments: Rite of Anointing & Funerals

Church History

CH162 - Early Church History

CH172 - Modern and Contemporary Period

CH179 - Second Vatican Council

CH260 - Patristic History

CH274 - The Reformation & Counter Reformation Period


Moral Theology

MT180 - Fundamental Moral Theology

MT281 - Bioethics

MT283 - Sexual Ethics

MT285 - Social Ethics

MT287 - Religious Ethics


Pastoral Arts

PA190 - On Christian Prayer

PA191 - Introduction to Christian Spirituality

PA192 - Canon Law I: General Norms

PA193 - Praying the Psalms

PA194 - The Divine Office

PA195 - Personal Growth & Relationship

PA198 - On Priestly Formation

PA291 - Psychology & Spirituality

PA292 - Canon Law II: Marriage

PA293 - Pastoral Theology

PA296 - Catechetics

PA299 - Intro to Sociology

PA391 - Pastoral Counselling

PA392 - Ministerial Spirituality

PA395 - Discernment & Spiritual Direction

PA397 - Homiletics

PA398 - Practical Liturgy

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