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Our Chairman's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


God is great and merciful. We have entered into the fourth year of CTIS operation and we have a total of 357 past and present students who are either in progress or taken part in our English or Mandarin academic programmes. As we go forward, we continue to hope that more people will be motivated to come, study and acquire knowledge of the Christian faith.


The world is operating in uncharted waters, we see seething anger, we see perpetrators of violence who use brute force to alter what they see is "wrong" in their own way. We see a lack of trust and suspicion towards those who are marginalised. More than before, we need prayer and faith - a faith that is anchored on the teachings of Jesus that serves as a guiding light for our conduct and character.


CTIS hopes to nurture this faith by supporting the Church's work of evangelisation, and through the living example of its academic community. Naturally, CTIS has constraints and obstacles in our current operations and scarce resources remain a great challenge. To the priests and lecturers who lecture at CTIS courses, I express my gratitude on behalf of the Board. Teaching is an add-on to their existing duties and I hope they - and more to come - will continue offering their gift of instruction for the growth of others. They are a fundamental element of CTIS' plan for future.


We thank God and hope that the Holy Spirit will inspire and touch more Catholics to come forward to study and discover the richness of their faith at CTIS. God Bless!



Mr Anthony Seah


CTIS Board of Management

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