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Data Privacy Statement

CTIS collects personal information of students to support its functions including, but not restricted to, the teaching and personal development of students, research, and administration of CTIS. Relevant information or data may be shared within CTIS or with third parties on a need to know basis and for what CTIS deems an official or educational interest, unless such sharing is prohibited by law.

  1. Except as otherwise specifically provided for below, CTIS will grant access to Confidential Student Information to authorised CTIS personnel or third parties only if there is a need to know based on what is reasonably in the CTIS's view an official or educational interest.

  2. “Confidential Student Information” means any personally identifiable information relating to the student which is received from the student or arises out of the student's course of study in the CTIS or information relating to the student's whereabouts or physical or mental condition and well-being. It excludes information that: (i) is publicly known or available from other sources who are not under a confidentiality obligation to the source of the information; (ii) subsequently becomes public by publication or other means through no action or fault of the CTIS; (iii) has been lawfully received from a third party without a breach of this privacy statement; (iv) is already known by or available to the CTIS without a confidentiality obligation; (v) is disclosed with prior written approval of the student; or (vi) is required to be disclosed under the law or pursuant to a court order.

  3. Without affecting the generality of paragraph (1) and for the avoidance of doubt, the following shall be deemed to meet the requirement for disclosure stated in paragraph (1) above:

    • A request for information by the Ministry of Education or the Council for Private Education;

    • Sharing of information or data with Government agencies or statutory bodies or non-government agencies authorised to carry out public functions, services or duties;

    • Sharing of information with third parties, including members of the student's family or medical or security personnel, in a situation if the CTIS deems it necessary in order to protect the health or safety of the student or other persons; or

    • Publication or release of information that is customary by educational institutions, including but not limited to awards of prizes, medals, scholarships, and other marks of distinction, and student or graduation status

  4. Access to Confidential Student Information for purposes other than those based on an official or educational interest may also be granted at the discretion of the CTIS, provided that a student has provided his or her consent for such disclosure. A student may provide such consent in his or her Application form and student agreement at the time of his or her admission to the CTIS or at such other appropriate juncture.

  5. Students are deemed to have consented to CTIS providing information on students to the recommending priest and/or staff of the parish.

  6. For the convenience of students, the CTIS may also indicate to individual students data that the individual student had previously supplied to the CTIS or other Government agencies. In the event that a student provides consent (in the manner set out at paragraph (4) above) for the disclosure or use of information other than for an official or educational purpose, the CTIS will retain a student's personal data only as necessary for the effective delivery of CTIS services to the student.

  7. To safeguard a student's personal data that had been provided electronically or had been converted into an electronic form, the CTIS will take reasonable steps to secure all electronic storage and transmission of personal data with appropriate security technologies.

  8. This Policy is subject to any applicable law and all students and users agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.

  9. If you have any questions or concerns with regard to the Privacy Statement, please speak with the CTIS Data Protection Officer.

  10. This Policy is subject to revision at the discretion of the CTIS from time to time.


Teresa Hoe

+65 6902 8703

CTIS Data Protection Officer



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