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How to Apply?

Entry Requirements

A minimum academic qualification of GCE A-Level or equivalent is required to apply for all CTIS Programmes. Further suitability will be determined through the application process. Students are expected to be fluent in either English or Mandarin. Class instructions and examinations will be carried out in the respective programmes in these languages.

Application Process

Only complete application packets will be processed.

Each complete application packet must include:

  1. The application form (completed and signed)

  2. A signed letter of recommendation for study at CTIS from their respective Parish Priest or a local Ordinary. The template for the letter of recommendation is included in the application form.

  3. Certified true copy of your highest educational certification attained.

  4. Some applicants may have to attend an interview to finalize their admission.

  5. A typewritten essay of between 500-1000 words. Describe what led you to enroll, and what you expect from your learning experience at CTIS.



All Audit students;

  • are not required to fulfill course requirements and they will not undergo any assessment.

  • will be awarded a letter of participation for adequate attendance.

  • who wish to obtain CTIS certification in future time, will have to take courses again as full-time or part-time students.

  • have a two-semester window to attend the programme signed up for, starting from the date of application.

  • need to submit only the application form.


For more information, please contact Ms. Janice Ng (Student Manager) at +65-6902-8705 or






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