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St. Anthony






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The Holy Trinity

Semester 1, 2020

Monday Mornings from 11:15am to 1:15pm


Class Dates: Course just finished in Semester 2, 2020

Examination: Not Confirmed (TBA)


The mystery of the Trinity constitutes the heart of the Christian faith and is considered the greatest of all mysteries since it is the mystery of God in Himself and thus also the fountain and source of all the other divine mysteries. This course seeks to make manifest the meaning and truth of this mystery of what the Triune God has revealed about Himself to us. Since this presupposes Revelation, the study of the doctrine of the Trinity has as its point of departure Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition which will involve a close analysis of various biblical texts and a study of the development of the Trinitarian doctrine in the first few centuries of the Church. This course also includes a special treatment of specific topics such as the Divinity of the Holy Spirit in the theology of the Cappadocian Fathers; the Filioque Controversy; the language of the Trinitarian doctrine and the concept of ‘person’. Finally, the Trinitarian theology of prominent doctors of the church such as St. Augustine and St. Thomas will also be examined alongside more contemporary theologies such as that of Karl Rahner.

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