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CTIS Alumni Fundraising Dinner


CTIS Alumni Association

The CTIS Alumni Association (CAA) was launched on 10 September 2019. We had an Information Night at CTIS to provide CTIS graduates, past and present students with information about the CAA.

The main objectives of the CAA shall be the promotion of solidarity and fellowship among its members, fostering further interests and studies in Catholic Theology and supporting CTIS in its development. This will be achieved through;

     1. Spiritual, social, recreational and educational activities for its members,

     2. Talks, seminars and study groups in Catholic Theology, and

     3. To assist CTIS in the areas of student development and promotion of its academic programs.

Two types of memberships are available:

Ordinary Member:
All graduates who have been awarded at least the Certificate in Theology and who are Catholics shall be eligible to become Ordinary Member. Only ordinary members shall have the voting rights and can be elected to the various committees of the CTIS Alumni Association.


Associate Member: 
All graduates who are non-Catholics and students enrolled in the various courses of CTIS are eligible to become Associate Member.

The CAA is the best way for you to stay connected with your classmates and CTIS and to continue with your theological development. Please click on the link below or here to sign up as a member of the CAA. We look forward to meeting you at our up coming events.

CAA Info Night

CTIS Students in the Alumni Meeting

CAA Info Night

CTIS Students in the Alumni Meeting


Support from our Alumni members at the CTIS roadshow at the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace.


Students and alumni at the CTIS roadshow at the Church of Christ the King with our Rector Fr James Yeo and CTK’s parish priest Fr John Sim.


Alumni members who attended the talk on Euthanasia by Fr David Garcia at the Catholic Centre

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