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Fr. Derrick Yap OFM





Class Venue:

St. Anthony









16 Classes








Semester 2, 2021

Monday Mornings 11:15am to 1:15pm


Class Dates: Jul 19, 26,  Aug 02, 16, 23, 30,  Sep 06, 13, 20,  Oct 04, 11, 18, 25,  Nov 08, 15, 22,  2021

Examination: Not Confirmed (TBA)


This course of Mariology is first and foremost an introduction to the basic theological principles and the Church’s guidelines in understanding the person and mission of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ and also in nurturing true and authentic devotion to the Mother of God. After a brief examination of the state of marian doctrine and devotion in the various Christian churches, it therefore begins with a study of Chapter VIII of Lumen Gentium which touches on the role of Mary in the mystery of Christ and in the mystery of the Church as well as various other documents from the post Vatican II magisterium of Paul VI (Signum Magnum and Marialis Cultus) and St. John Paul II (Mater Redemptoris).This course focuses on making evident the development of a theology of Mary which begins with her cooperation in the salvific work of her Son, Jesus Christ and her continued role in this salvific work through her maternal influence in the Church. Finally, the figure of the Mary will sought to be contemplated through an attentive study of the texts from Sacred Scripture and a detailed study of the four classical Marian Dogmas (Mary, Mother of God; Mary, the Ever Virgin; Mary’s Immaculate Conception; and Mary’s Assumption body and soul into heaven) alongside other Marian doctrines. Time permitting, various Marian devotional practices will also be studied and discussed alongside a theology of apparitions. 

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