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Programme List

CTIS is currently offering four programmes - the Certificate in Theology, the Diploma in Theology, the Advanced Diploma in Theology, and the Baccalaureate in Theology.



Certificate in Theology

The Certificate in Theology is for students who want to deepen their knowledge of the Christian faith in the context of the Church and the world of today. It aims to bring students into a first contact with theology as this relates to the central concerns of their work and everyday lives. It is anticipated that students completing the Certificate will become more informed and appreciative of the faith of the Catholic Church, and of themselves as believers living that faith in contemporary times. The following are courses are taught:

  1. SS130 - The Mystery of Salvation

  2. SS120 - Introduction to the Bible

  3. TH140 - Fundamental Theology

  4. CH179 - The Second Vatican Council

  5. PH112 - Philosophical Anthropology

  6. MT180 - Fundamental Moral Theology

  7. RS100 - Methodology of Study


Details of these courses are provided in CTIS Prospectus 2016.



Diploma in Theology

The Diploma in Theology is a two year full-time (or part-time equivalent) programme. It provides a primer for those who wish for a more comprehensive introduction to theological studies, as well as for experienced students who wish to update their theological knowledge. This programme is intended particularly for those preparing for or already involved in pastoral ministry. Students who wish to enroll for reasons of personal and spiritual growth are welcome as well. The following are the courses taught in addition to those taught in the Certificate in Theology programme:

  1. TH148 - Christology

  2. TH151 - Sacraments: Baptism and Confirmation

  3. MT285 - Social Ethics

  4. PA191 - Introduction to Christian Spirituality

  5. TH154 - Liturgy: Sources and Methods

  6. TH252 - Ecclesiology

  7. PA192 - Canon Law I: General Norms


Details of these courses are provided in CTIS Prospectus 2016.



Advanced Diploma in Theology

The Advanced Diploma in Theology is a three year full-time (or part-time equivalent) programme. Students who wish to enroll for for this programme should have completed all the 14 courses taught in the Certificate and Diploma programmes. The following are the courses taught in this programme:

  1. TH145 - The Holy Trinity

  2. TH241 - Protology

  3. TH340 - Mystical Theology

  4. CH162 - Church History: Early and Medieval

  5. PH213 - Philosophical Logic

  6. TH244 - Eschatalogy

  7. TH144 - The Question of God

  8. SS233 - Pauline Literature

  9. TH256 - Missiology

  10. TH250 - Theology of Religions

  11. TH146 - Grace and Justification

  12. CH172 - Church History: Modern and Contemporary

  13. TH251 - Sacraments: Eucharist and Reconciliation


Details of these courses are provided in CTIS Prospectus 2016.



Baccalaureate in Theology

The Baccalaureate in Theology (STB) programme has a duration of 6 years of full time study aimed at enabling students to attain a comprehensive synthesis of the varied sub-disciplines within Catholic theology and develop intellectual competency for critical theological thought that is faithful to the tradition of the Church. This programme is suited for committed students, and is positioned as a first-cycle graduate level programme that prepares for postgraduate licentiate studies. A substantial component of philosophy courses serves as a foundation to the theological content of the programme. 


The full course list for the STB programme is found here.


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