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In 2016 the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary embarked on a new direction as regards to the academic formation of our seminarians. Now there is one common academic programme for seminarians and lay people. This means that our seminarians will now pursue their academic studies at CTIS. Although this is a first for the Church in Singapore, lay people studying together with seminarians has already been an established practice in other dioceses around the world.


CTIS will maintain the standards that typify the academic training of candidates for the priesthood, which will add a more comprehensive dimension of learning to our currently running programmes. I am certain that this arrangement will provide even greater stimuli towards the building of an academic environment at CTIS for students as well as lecturers.


On behalf of the Theological Institute, I extend a warm welcome to our current students, all prospective students and especially our seminarians. It is our hope that everyone who passes through our doors will benefit from this integrated programme and from the communal experience of the Catholic Faith.

Fr James Yeo, STL, Ph.D.


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