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Students Area - FAQ - Academic Changes in 2016

Dear Students,


Since January 2016, the academic formation of the seminarians has come under the purview of CTIS. This necessitates a major revision of our current curriculum. From offering a mere five courses for the Certificate in Theology and another five courses for the Diploma in Theology, CTIS is now offering the whole of the STB (Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology) programme. Of course, the seminarians will have to complete the entire STB programme while our laity will be offered parts of this STB programme as Certificate or Diploma in Theology and even an Advance Diploma in Theology. In the light of this, changes are expected. Some of the changes include the number of courses offered, duration of each course, logistic, timing of lectures, costs and many other administrative changes. These changes will affect both current and prospective students and these set of FAQs are meant to assist students to understand these issues better. CTIS is an archdiocesan entity that is tasked to serve the needs of the local church. These changes were made in response to the needs of the archdiocese. With great excitement, let us move forward embracing these changes in the journey of our faith formation.


Fr. James Yeo

Rector, CTIS

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