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Book by Fr. James Yeo


Cost: S$28 per copy


This book serves as a concise introduction to the Church's fundamental teachings on moral theology. The author has taken into consideration the interest of the laity, who may be encountering systematic theological studies for the first time, as well as seminarians and those seeking a more academic study of moral theology.

Students of theology will find in this book a useful presentation on the main topics required in the study of Catholic moral theology in a theological curriculum.

As for the laity who are interested to grow in Christian living, this book will be of some assistance to them because after all, moral theology concerns how cChristians should live out their faith and discipleship in Christ. They will find in this book a guide to understand how moral decisions should be made according to the mind and heart of Jesus as well as the desire to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church on moral matters.

Other Books:


Cost: S$70 per set


A limited number of the following books by Rev. Fr. James Yeo are also available for sale:

1. The Cardinal Virtues

    - Achieving Human Excellence

2. Invisible Realities

3. The Ten Commandments

    - A Basis for Family Ethics

4. A Journey into the Christian Faith

    - An Introduction to the Teachings of the Catholic Church

These books are sold as a set and not as individual copies. Please contact CTIS Office to reserve yours.

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