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Catholic News 17-Mar-2024

Form study groups, share your knowledge with the world: Cardinal Goh

Cardinal William Goh has urged the Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS) class of 2024 to form study groups and continue their theological discussion and formation after graduation.

“As graduates and laypersons, consider how you will deepen your understanding of what you learnt, and translate that knowledge to a language that modern society can grasp, especially the young people,” he said to the 43 graduates, the staff and alumni, and guests at the ceremony held at the Saint Francis Xavier Major Seminary in Upper Bukit Timah on March 9.

The Cardinal noted that the Church is witnessing rapid societal changes, including shifts in the definition of the traditional family and the rise of artificial intelligence. “We need laypersons who can combine their secular expertise with theology to present the Church’s teachings in an accessible and relatable manner”, he said to the graduates. “It is my desire that your exchange and reflection will bear fruit in thesis and papers that adhere to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church,” he said, adding that a good grasp of principles based on Scripture and tradition was needed to explain the Church’s teachings to people today.

In his welcome address, CTIS Rector Monsignor James Yeo reminded the graduates that the Institute exists to help them build the Church. “The certificates you receive today are not just a ‘piece of paper’ but a reminder to go and make disciples of all nations,” he said, encouraging them to find a ministry or a way to share what they have learned. “Since you have received knowledge, you must serve humbly without drawing attention to yourself,” he said. “Always be generous, loving, and kind.”

Speaking in Mandarin, valedictorian Ms Bernadette Rebecca Tsui said she hopes to share her insights gained from the course with her brothers and sisters in the Mandarin-speaking community. As she lives in Sydney, Australia, Ms Tsui took the Certificate in Theology course in Mandarin online. “I hope to translate theology into a language that conveys God’s unconditional and saving love to others,” said the 50-year-old, who is now pursuing the Diploma in Theology online course with the CTIS Mandarin Department.

Mr James Chong, 29, valedictorian of the English Department, said his journey was both rewarding and challenging. “I was able to delve deeper into the treasure trove of our faith and tradition, which revealed God’s love for me,” said the CTIS Certificate in Theology graduate. “It was also humbling to realise that the more I learn, the more I become aware of how much I do not know,” he added. “I hope that intellectual formation can serve as a path for more individuals to explore and respond to God’s call to love Him in a new and profound way,” said Mr Chong, who works in customer engagement at a telco and is a parishioner of the Church of the Holy Spirit. “This could enable us to become better followers of Christ and empower us to be apostles and witnesses of His love to the world.”

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